Updated: Nov 22, 2017

Who would guess that something as routine as an oil change could help provide almost 250,000 meals for hungry people in our area?

That’s just what happened as almost 100 new car dealers participated in the Change Your Oil, Change Lives program sponsored by the Automobile Dealers Association of Mega Milwaukee. From Dec. 15 through March 4, ADAMM member dealers donated $1 for every oil change performed by their service departments to Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin.

The total amount raised was $80,939, a 7% increase over 2016.

“The most impressive part to me is that dealers and their customers have reached out, collaboratively and collectively, to their own community to help fight hunger,” said David Kriete, chairman of the ADAMM Board of Directors and CEO of the Kriete Group. “And when customers put extra money in the cannisters on hand at each service department, the dealers matched that, too.”

Andy Schlesinger, president of And-rew Automotive Group, said, “The new car dealers who are part of our organization recognize that food insecurity is a significant problem in our area. We want to make a difference. And through this program and the efforts of Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, we are.”

Schlesinger said the money raised will provide more than 243,000 meals for those who might otherwise go to bed hungry.

“Any time you can make that much of a difference in the community, it’s a plus,” he said.

Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin provides wholesome food to families and individuals facing hunger through a number of outreach programs. Its motto is “Together We Can Solve Hunger.” And with the help of dealers and their customers, ADAMM members are working to make a difference.

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